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Good news from the doctor

January 14th, 2010 at 10:11 am

The doctor said my x-rays were perfect, and I can start walking! That is, I must continue to use the walker, but I can put weight on my foot, as long as I'm careful. Oh, this makes it so much easier to get around!

There was a place on the surgical scar that was still seeping. He found a little piece of thread that had to be removed. Then he had me get a product called Wound-Be-Gone. Wow! It healed up immediately -- I've never seen anything like it!

Financial news -- I've spent another $35 on groceries, $39 on Wound-Be-Gone and blister band-aids, and $35 for the doctor's co-pay. I was only able to put $288 toward my credit card, but let's face it, it's been an unusual month.

I got a bill for the ambulance today. $500 -- but it included a form for insurance information. They want a front and back copy of my insurance card. How am I going to do that? I could draw one, I guess. Smile

I also got a check for $100 from the hospital. I think they are returning my co-pay. I'll have to look into that. Perhaps my insurance automatically paid?

I have promised to go into work on Tuesday. I won't need a wheelchair, now that I can walk a little. I will need a ride, though, and several people have offered. Just hope this nice weather lasts. Nice, as in not below zero, not snowing!

Oh, and my emergency fund is down a little because I sent $50 to my sister. She didn't ask for it, I was just worried about her.

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