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Doctor's report

January 28th, 2010 at 10:47 am

I went to the doctor yesterday, and to my surprise he told me I no longer had to use the walker OR wear the boot! So I have been limping around on my own two feet. Sleeping without the boot was wonderful last night!

The bad news is that I have to have a pin removed next month. Although they say it is simple outpatient surgery, I am not psyched up for more surgery of any kind.

I have been driving, too. I drove to the doctor yesterday (first time since my accident). I had no problems. I was able to get gas and I found parking near the building. (I'm still waiting for my handicap placard). It felt so good to be out on the road again!

When I came to work after the appointment, there was no place to park, even though I had a special permit. There were simply no parking spaces of any kind. So I parked in an outlying lot and had to walk around the football field. When our president's secretary heard about that, she went to campus security and demanded that they reserve a spot for me! There it was this morning. Right next to the president's reserved spot!

I am so, so tired. Working, getting used to walking, and a sore throat (which will become a cold, I know) are all having their toll on me. I would go home, but I have to write some profiles on some big brass attendees at a dinner the president is going to. So I must stick it out. Will be very happy to see the weekend again.

Yesterday's spending:

Gas - $22.90
Breakfast (Mickey D) - $4.27
Lunch (KFC) - 5.67
Doctor's co-pay -- $15.00

Plus, I signed up to have $10 taken out of my paycheck each month for the annual fund. Since I work in the development office, they want to have 100% participation. $10 is cheaping out, but I have some serious goals of my own to meet.

1 Responses to “Doctor's report”

  1. JanH Says:

    Congrats on the progress! Drink some lemon juice in your water this evening and maybe it'll help with your throat. Always seems to keep my throat from getting worse.

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