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Eating In Challenge

February 5th, 2010 at 05:59 am

Just popping in to report I have 4 points on the eating-in challenge. Honestly, I rarely out eat unless it is to be social. Though I have lately been going through drive-throughs, with the rationale that it's easier than cooking when you have a bum leg!

Looking forward to this weekend. I have lots to do. I'm going to tackle grocery shopping on my own for the first time since mid-December. I'm going to get my hair trimmed. I'm going to start on my taxes. I'm also going to somehow celebrate DS1's birthday, although I haven't heard the plan yet. Yesterday I got his "save the date" card in the mail for his wedding. It gave me a little thrill -- it's really gonna happen -- he's going to marry this wonderful girl!

My car and housing funds are down a little because of the stock market. I can hardly wait till my debt is paid off and I can start adding to those funds.

2 Responses to “Eating In Challenge”

  1. fern Says:

    I have 4 points MTD too.

  2. therecklessone Says:

    2 points for me!

    I live a block away from a McDonald's. Augh. It's just so tempting to walk over there and grab a cheeseburger, sometimes. But it really adds up, in the end.

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