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The doctor's report and the challenge

February 19th, 2010 at 10:57 am

Re: my trip to the doctor -- He told me that when I broke my ankle and dislocated my foot, I probably wrenched the nerve (it has a name and he named it, but I can't) and that is why I am experiencing numbness. He says it will most likely go away, though it will be a slow process. So I'm relieved, and hopeful that I will be normal again someday!

The co-pay was $15. I did not eat lunch out, as I thought I might. I was in a hurry to return to work, so that I would only have to count a half day of sick time. I had a Lean Cuisine in the break room fridge, so .... 18 points!!!

However, tonight I am going out with co-workers for a good-bye party for a colleague, so I will not be able to count today in the challenge. This morning I stopped to buy a good-bye card for her, and while I was there I picked up Easter cards for my grandsons. $7.85. I felt bad because I sent a homemade valentine for the two of them -- late -- pretty lame. So I want to make sure they get nice Easter cards. The older one loves to get mail.

Work has been crazy, and I'm glad to be facing a weekend. Sometimes I wonder if I can do this for six more years, but, financially, I have no choice.

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