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Green River soda

March 17th, 2010 at 05:55 am

Just spent $11 on Green River soda and cups for our St. Pat's party at work. I could have baked something cheaper -- or bought something cheaper -- but the soda WAS on sale and I think it will be well received. Often drinks are not provided at these potlucks and people miss them. Anyway, it will look so festive!

I have to attend (in work status) a dinner on Saturday night. Dress code is "cocktail." I have a black velvet top and black satin pants that I think will do, but shoes are a problem. My ankle is still swollen and I have been wearing high top shoes for support. I have a pair of black sandals with low heels, and I'll see if I can wear them comfortably. Otherwise, I'll have to shop for something. It wouldn't hurt me to have a nice pair of black flats, anyway.

On Sunday, I'm going to try to attend a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. Basically, it's a buy-a-burger deal at a local restaurant. I hope I can get my kids to come down and I will treat us all. I really want to do this, because the woman in charge of the event has been so helpful to me while I have been recovering from my broken ankle, and I think making this event a success is the one thing that will make her happiest right now.

So it seems I am in spend mode rather than save mode. Once this week is past, it will be different.

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  1. Ima saver Says:

    Enjoy your party!

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