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Weekend spending & saving

March 22nd, 2010 at 04:41 pm

Lots of spending this weekend. I spent $100 on groceries, $31 on gas, $12 on gifts for my grandson, $15 on fish oil, $4 on dishwasher detergent, $19 on cat food & litter, and $20 on a donation to Habitat for Humanity. Plus, the water bill came out of my account, and it was $56.

What have I done to save? Well, I DIDN'T buy shoes as I had planned. It snowed on Saturday, and it seemed all right to wear boots to the fancy dinner. I DIDN'T go to the fundraiser on Sunday -- babysat instead -- but in its place I did donate $20 to the cause. Still, $20 is less than I would have spent on four lunches, and my co-worker was more than grateful for the donation. Since the fundraiser was a rousing success, I didn't feel bad about not making it.

Had an awful day at work today. I decided I must be sick, but stuck it out -- now that I'm home I feel much better. Hmmmm. Maybe it was the Advil I took.

Five and a half more years to work! I realized yesterday I don't have to think "6" any more! I can do it.

1 Responses to “Weekend spending & saving”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    I'm at 5yr 4mos. Since it is under 6 mos I round down to 5 yrs. I can do it...too.

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