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It's been a while

April 8th, 2010 at 02:31 pm

Somehow I got out of the loop on blogging. I'll try to get back on a more regular basis.

I had a lovely Easter weekend -- traveled for the first time since my injury. I went to visit a friend in Indiana, and we did all kinds of girlie things like shopping, eating out, movies, playing cards. On Sunday I met my son and his family and an old friend for lunch at a Mexican restaurant -- that is our Easter tradition. The weather was lovely and it was a great time.

As we head into warmer weather, I am facing a problem with my footwear. I've been wearing some soft snow boots ever since I got out of the "boot" but I can't wear them any more without looking odd. I've tried wearing my regular shoes, but they are either too high or too tight. Last night I bit the bullet and bought four pairs of Skechers -- the kind that look sort of like Mary Janes and not like athletic shoes. They are comfortable and should get me through the summer, anyway. I also bought 12 pairs of socks in colors that coordinate with the shoes. Altogether the cost was $195 -- not too bad -- all items were on sale. Now my next worry -- are all my pants going to be too long now that I'm wearing lower heels? Sigh.

I got the ok from my boss to go to a conference in Anaheim, California, this summer. I've been there before, so I'm not real excited about the destination, but I'm excited about getting away and perhaps seeing some old friends. My cousin lives in the area, so I will probably try to grab a dinner with him. Maybe by this summer I'll be walking like a normal person! I am walking now -- and usually normally unless I'm tired -- but I cannot do stairs yet. And I can't dance. I have to be able to dance by October for my son's wedding!

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