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Eventful weekend

June 21st, 2010 at 06:04 pm

Last Friday I needed to mail a package to my niece for her new baby. I had already done my best finding bargain items -- three onesies, two caps, two little frames, some mesh totes and some tot-sized silverware. I resisted the temptation to have a packaging service mail it. I boxed it up myself and took it to the post office. I also included a homemade card. Still, it cost $12 to mail. (But it would have been more).

I was determined to make my trip up to Evanston as economical as possible. Thus, I took the highway instead of the longer route I usually prefer. Well, that was a mistake. The highway was jam-packed -- and when a vicious storm blew through, I was stuck with no where to go. No damage; it was just kind of scary. And the backup was incredible! It must have taken an hour longer than usual, so there went the gas!

My DIL chose a lodge-type restaurant for her birthday dinner. She and my son ordered steaks and I ordered cod. My son offered to split the bill and I accepted. Even so, with tip, it was $59. Well, I really had no control over that.

The next day, with my other son, we went out for lunch at a casual eatery. Since I had just heard that their taxes had doubled their mortgage payment, I gave my son a $20 bill toward the meal (and that about paid for it all). Another unexpected expense.

I went home to work at the jazz fest. The whole town had lost power, so it was hot & sweaty work, but at the end I was offered a go-round at the buffet, so had a light meal with wine, for free.

On Sunday I grocery-shopped carefully and spent only $34, getting several good two-for-one deals. Then I went to Goodwill to drop off a bag of clothes. I couldn't resist looking, and I found a beautiful pair of pewter candlestick holders and a an adorable Chico jacket -- only $11 altogether. I said I wouldn't buy any more clothes, but this was too good to pass up. And the candlestick holders will make a great gift -- maybe even later this week, when my OTHER DIL has her birthday.

The worst news this weekend was that I got on the scale and it registered two pounds higher. So I have to be more careful. Too much fun, I guess!

2 Responses to “Eventful weekend”

  1. momcents Says:

    The same wicked bad storm that ripped through our area at about 4:15? We luckily kept the power and all our trees are intact. I heard Lombard had their power out until early Sunday AM. I STILL have to check out that Goodwill!

  2. CB in theCity Says:

    Yeah, that's when I was on the road. I was trying to beat the storm, but no such luck. However, since my other route is through Des Plaines, and it seems they got hit the worst, maybe I was lucky after all!

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