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Lunch cancelled

June 23rd, 2010 at 09:24 pm

I was supposed to have lunch with my DIL today, but she got lost and the baby was screaming, so she went home. Perfectly understandable, sometimes things just don't work out. I saved a lot of money (though of course, treating her to lunch for her birthday is still going to happen). I went to a little coffeehouse/cafe and had a bowl of soup for $3.11. While I was there, they gave me a sample of a sandwich -- just one-fourth size, but it was enough for me! For amusement I thumbed through an old recipe book for entertaining. What a riot -- the things they used to do in the sixties! I would never bother to cook and present they way they did then -- but I guess it was aimed at housewives who didn't have much else to do.

Got stuck behind a long train coming AND going, so I wasted some gas there! It seems I have very bad luck timing when to cross the tracks.

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