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Getting ready for a trip

June 30th, 2010 at 04:18 pm

Tomorrow I'm heading out to North Carolina to visit my sister and cousins, and to check in on my antiques booth. I haven't even started packing yet, but I've made my list! As usual, I will try to make this as frugal as possible. I'm driving (so I can haul merchandise) and I will be very picky about where I fill up, and what I eat. I'm going to take snacks in the car, and maybe I won't have to stop to eat at all. I'm going to the library on my lunch hour to get some book CDs for entertainment.

I haven't spent much lately. Hit a few garage sales this past weekend and got a few things for the booth, but no big finds. And I got a McDonald's lunch one day, when I felt like getting out of the office -- it didn't taste nearly as good as I anticipated.

I recently started taking a supplement called Align -- it's a probiotic (sp?) and so far it's working wonderfully for me! I had a $5 coupon for it, so I thought I'd give it a whirl, and I'm so glad. I've had IBS-type problems for a long time and had pretty much given up that I was ever going to solve them. Now I can really tell the difference after just a few days. I think it's one of those things that works only for some people -- digestive problems are so varied -- but it seems to be working for me!

So I think it's going to be a new regular expense for me -- about $1 a day, so not too bad.

3 Responses to “Getting ready for a trip”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Have fun! Reading about North Caroline makes me think of One Tree Hill (I'm sure that's where it's set)

  2. Jerry Says:

    I haven't heard of Align but I am glad that the supplement leads to good results for you. I wish that these kinds of things were covered by insurance, especially when they are proven to help people. Good luck with it!

  3. Zest Five Says:

    My partner takes align and she says it really helps her. I stocked up at Costco where it was cheap. Good luck with that! I like your blog even if this is the first time I posted any comments. I've been reading even before you took your break so I'm glad you're back.

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