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October expenses, insurance and a new lamp

November 2nd, 2010 at 05:25 am

I totaled up my October expenses, and some were surprising. For instance, I spent $104 on eating out -- and it was all burgers, pizza, snacks -- nothing memorable. I spent $209 on groceries, which is double my goal, but I did have a lot of stocking up to do. My utilities were high ($254) but I had to pay the phone bill twice (it's pre-paid, and I did a lot of talking last month). And my gas was $149, but it did include an impromptu trip to Kentucky.

It looks like I will not be able to reimburse my emergency fund with the $300 I took out. But I will have SOMETHING to put in, come payday, so at least I'm reversing the trend.

It's time to enroll for medical insurance again, and I am switching from BC/BS HMO to the PPO plan. I will have to meet a deductible, which I hate, but I have learned my lesson. I am still fighting with the HMO to get them to pay for my second surgery. In the PPO plan, my surgeon is included, so if there are any followups I won't have to move heaven and earth to be able to see the doctor who did the work on me.

It seems I have taken up trash-picking. On Saturday I saw a lamp sitting on top of the garbage in the dumpster. It looked new -- the shade almost perfect, and there was still a light bulb in it (which works). It was tossed because one of its legs is broken off. I can see why they threw it out now, because I can't remove the damaged part without severing the cord. However, it's easy to replace the plug, right? I've never done it actually.

Anyway, I don't even really want the lamp, it was just too good to throw away. Once I get it repaired, I will probably give it to Goodwill.

And I did get a free bulb!

4 Responses to “October expenses, insurance and a new lamp”

  1. momcents Says:

    My mom does that all the time ... "rescues" things from the curb on trash day (plastic toddler toys/decent bikes/Christmas trees etc). Does she keep them? No, not at all. She drives them to the resale store at Good Sam Hospital where all proceeds from the Gingham Tree go to the cardiac unit, or to a resale shop in Westmont where proceeds go to the domestic violence program in DuPage County. And she saves things from the landfill, too.

    Good job on reversing your present trend! I've had to borrow from the EF, too, in order to cover my billpay Snafu.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Yeah! I rescued a chandelier from the alley earlier this year. It was not the most currently stylish kind, but I'm sure someone looking for a creative challenge would love to spiff it up and save two or three hundred dollars. I took it to the American Kidney Foundation's thrift store (Value Village here).

  3. My English Castle Says:

    My DD's toddler bed came from an alley trash pick-up.
    I'm all for it!

  4. -Jerry- Says:

    Switching to the PPO makes sense for insurance, as long as the surgeon is still in-network. I think that you are wise to fix up old furniture! We have done that on several occasions and ended up with stuff that looked beautiful (for FAR less than what furniture was selling for at the store, no less). My wife once found a large wooden frame in the trash heap, repaired it, gold-leafed it, and it looked fantastic. Enjoy!

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