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Frustration and celebration

December 9th, 2010 at 07:10 am

Yesterday was an interesting day at work. I and several others had a meeting with our VP, in which we learned that 1) she is wildly disorganized 2) blames us and 3) is demanding that we redo reports/spreadsheets that were done exactly as she asked. Very frustrating. I donít know how I will get through my last years here if she is here, also. But then late in the day we got word that a big 6-figure donation had arrived, so it was celebration time! We went out to a pub after work, where I spent $15 on wine and quesadillas. An unexpected expense, but I did want to be part of one of GOOD things that happen here!

Today the celebration is continuing, as there are free Panera bagels in the break room, so I guess that offsets my $15 a little.

In other news, I sold another book on half.com. I have sold about five or six since I re-started my account. Itís nice to have a little bit coming in, however small.

I may do my 15-items shopping tonight. Iíd like to beat the snowstorm that is predicted, and just stay in this weekend, when the weather is predicted to be even worse. Iíve got lots of books to read, and lots of housework/organization to do at home.

Speaking of books to read, I just finished ďThe Good EarthĒ by Pearl Buck. This is a good read for anyone feeling stressed about money. Itís a novel about pre-revolutionary China, and within the story are many lessons/insights about poverty and the down sides of wealth.

1 Responses to “Frustration and celebration”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I loved that book as a teen, but have not read it since. I think there are a lot of books I could re-read with an older adult's eye.

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