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15 Items or Less

December 10th, 2010 at 02:08 pm

This week I really had to make choices. As my stash in the pantry and freezer dwindles, it will probably get harder. But here is what I selected to buy:

Toilet bowl cleaner – on sale for 1.99
Kotex pantiliners – on sale for 2.89 (package of 64)
Sutter Sweet Red wine – on sale for 4.49
Bag of Tootsie Roll Midgees -- 2.99
Fresh Express 5-lettuce mix – on sale for 2.55
Jewel Kettle Corn, package of 3 bags – on sale for 1.29
4 boxes of Sweet & Salty bars – 1.75 ea.
2 boxes of DiGiorno 200-calorie pizzas – 2.99 ea.; coupon for $1 off
Crystal Light raspberry green tea mix – on sale for 3.99
Generic oatmeal cookies – 1.99
Jewel French vanilla coffee creamer (32 oz) – 2.50

Some of these choices may seem odd – for instance the tootsie rolls? I feel obligated to buy a bag every so often because I do help myself to the community bowl at work.

I got four boxes of the Sweet & Salty bars in order to get $3 off. Anyway, I love to have them to throw into my lunch bag.

I had to buy two boxes of the pizza to be able to use the coupon.

The Kettle Corn is something else I keep at work. My boss comes in every once in a while asking for it – she is very busy and sometimes misses lunch – so I try to keep stocked on it.

The creamer – I planned to use a coupon, but it turned out the store brand was a better deal. I don’t use a lot of creamer but I like it on weekends. This big bottle should last a while.

The wine – I sip a glass every evening for my heart health. My “constitutional” as my great aunt used to say. Okay, I like it, too.

Before I went to the store, I mailed a package at the post office (a sale on I bought a book of stamps. It occurred to me later that that may have been cheating a bit – since I could have bought the stamps at Jewel, perhaps they ought to count toward the 15 items. But it wasn’t a deliberate cheat, so I’m not going to worry about it.

1 Responses to “15 Items or Less”

  1. librarylady Says:

    I'm sure glad you got the wine in your 15 items!
    I would have done the same.
    This is a great idea you have come up with (buying just 15 items at a time).

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