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A Tree Full of Robins

December 21st, 2010 at 07:50 pm

Iím looking out my window here at work and I see a tree full of robins. I donít know why the robins are still here, but they look pretty against the backdrop of snow. There must be thirty of them! I wish you could all see the view from my window. My office looks over the football field, so at this time of year it is an unbroken expanse of snow. Then beyond the field is a row of small snow-covered buildings and the train track going parallel to the horizon. The trains are frequent, and from this distance they look like toy trains going back and forth. Itís a very pretty scene, a bit of Americana straight out of Charles Wysocki!

Today Iíve logged in $6.00 in Pinecone payments, and Iím expecting a payment from soon. I love these little income streams, small as they are. I had a larger than usual water bill, so Iím glad to get a little bit extra to make up the difference.

Iím starting to look forward to getting my tax refund. I used to dream ahead about what I would buy. Now Iím excited that I will have a chunk of money to put in savings. How things change! Last year my refund was more than $2000, but I believe it will be less this year.

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  1. momcents Says:

    I love Charles Wysocki. Being a cross-stitcher, I have done several of his pictures - actually just finishing one that has an "autumn" feel to it! Sounds like a lovely sight!

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