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December 29th, 2010 at 02:49 pm

I made a reservation for a taxi to take me to the airport for my Florida trip next week. $37. I can't get over how much it costs, but I can't ask someone to give me a ride at 4:30 a.m. And I can't drive and park, as I am leaving from Midway but arriving at O'Hare.

I may have to pay for a taxi in Fort Myers, too.

The one thing I will REALLY try to do is to pack in one carry-on bag. It's only a four-day trip, and I'll have a washer/dryer available on the other end.

I'm off work till the 10th of January, though I am on call. I am the only researcher on staff, so I can never really get away. Someone always ends up needing something. It's frustrating.

I just bought a $5 Groupon for two movie tickets. Part of my plan for my time off is to see some of the Oscar-nominated (or at this point, Golden Globe-nominated) movies. I hope I don't have to use the two tickets at once though. The last time I got a Groupon, it just came in the form of an email document to print. I hope they can figure out how to split it for two movies, not two seats. We'll see.

Today I'm going to get my fifteen items, pick up a prescription and browse Goodwill. I'm planning to shop Goodwill all year for gifts. I realize I missed out on some good opportunities this past year.

My son made me a friend on, so that is how I am tracking my food. I've had one day under goal and one day over, but the calorie count they set for me is really low. I will probably go over it a lot but still be in the neighborhood of my personal goal.

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