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Fifteen items

January 25th, 2011 at 11:38 am

Went to Jewel for my 15 items last night. Unlike most trips, I had a short list, and my decisions were all about how to get the best deals with my "extra" slots.

Garbage bags - house brand
Apple juice - house brand
Shredded cheddar - house brand on sale
Oatmeal cookies - house brand
5 Michelina frozen entrees - on sale
Jello mousse cups - .50 off coupon
Bag of spinach
Special K crackers - on sale
Milk - on sale
Sour cream

Grand total: $33.66

This is working. I have plentty to eat -- salad, tuna sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, pizza, soup, pasta -- all on tap for dinner. Lunches set for all week, and treats, too. Extra chicken in the freezer for future meals.

I think the part I like best is being able to carry everything in at once. That matters, when it's cold and snowy and you have to park in a parking lot and unlock two sets of doors to get inside.

In other news, I finally got my w-2 forms yesterday. I usually do electronic filing, but I'm thinking of doing paper this year. I'm in no hurry. Last year I ended up paying to file because I clicked the wrong buttons on Turbo Tax. If I file on paper, that won't happen. My taxes are so simple, there is no excuse for paying.

1 Responses to “Fifteen items”

  1. Jerry Says:

    It can get tricky when you add steps, like with Turbo Tax, and if you don't need the special bells and whistles then why bother? I agree, if you can do it yourself then that is the best insurance for having it done correctly, and it will lead to the same tax return anyway! Good luck this year...

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