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Fifteen items

April 9th, 2011 at 03:52 pm

My fifteen items this week were purchased at Wal-Mart. I needed to fill a prescription and get keys made.

Nutella - $1 off coupon
Shredded cheddar - house brand
2 bags Easter candy (for student workers)
2 keys made
4-pack Greek yogurt
Fresh blueberries
Bag of 3 small green peppers
2 cans tomato soup (house brand)
Auto wax
Can of tuna
Aleve (generic brand)

Total: $60.01

Looking over my register, I see that I was double-charged for two items. Rats! I have to go back. Also, one of the keys didn't work, so I guess I have to take that back anyway.

I hope the cashier made an honest mistake and wasn't trying to cheat me.


OK -- just returned from Wal-Mart again, and I was refunded $5.29 with no problem -- very pleasant customer service person.

I stopped on the way back to get gas ($37) and then at Ace Hardware to get the key cut again. While at Ace I found a mini-dolly that will fit in my car. Total cost: ($36) I just brought in the super-heavy box containing an unassembled file cabinet that I bought at IKEA. Wheeled it in slick as a whistle. I'm going to like this dolly!

Now I just have to check that this second key works....

So I have this afternoon's project -- put together that file cabinet.

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