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Graduation weekend

June 6th, 2011 at 02:23 pm

My weekend trip to Michigan was nice, but a series of mishaps, financially. Just little things.

I stopped at McD for breakfast and got an Egg McMuffin, thinking it was on the dollar menu. It was not. It was $4.42 with coffee. I waited until I got to Michigan to buy gas, thinking it would be cheaper. I finally stopped when the tank was getting too low for my comfort and paid $4.15 a gallon ($47 total). But if I had gone a little further, it would have been $4.05. I didn't spend any money there, except for my cash gift to my niece, but on the way home I missed an important exit, and had to wind back over big looping interchanges to get back on track -- wasted gas. When I got home, I found I had left the TV on (not the cable box, which is why I didn't notice) and a closet light. I am usually so careful about electricity! So, no great misfortunes, I just wasn't on my game.

It was a lovely weekend. The weather was perfect, and my niece's open house went perfectly. She got LOTS of gifts -- her main one being an iPad. I was very aware that I was not the least bit interested. I have really been left behind in technology and I don't care at all. I liked it better when things were simpler. I'm showing my age I know! I had to chuckle when I noticed a post-it note on the wall which was a step-by-step explanation from my niece to her parents on how to turn on the TV. I can relate!

I was really tired when I got home, so I didn't do the things I usually do on weekends, like preparing food ahead of time or ironing. I'll tackle that tonight. I just read and lay around. It was nice to reboot after a busy weekend.

I walked to work this morning, although it is pretty muggy. I am guessing that I will catch a ride home, as it will heat up. Found no coins today, but I was on the alert!

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  1. My English Castle Says:

    Sounds like you and I had similar road trip (very minor) issues. At least mine seemed minor when I saw a huge accident at the Dells. Glad you had great weather and fun.

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