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Found a quarter!

June 7th, 2011 at 04:18 pm

Just updated my sidebar to include the nice, shiny quarter I found in the parking lot last night, as I waded home in steamy, hot soupy weather. A nice reward for a pretty grueling walk.

I also stopped in at Dominick's to get reimbursed -- I was charged twice for a greeting card I bought.

I forgot to mention that before my trip, I did my weekly grocery shopping. I bought fifteen items without even counting, so it must be second nature now!

Here is the list:

Ritz crackers -- on sale
2 packages Chips Ahoy -- BOGO
Cat food -- on sale
2 packages frozen vegetables
String cheese -- on sale and .50 off coupon
Greeting card
Hamburger buns, store brand, on sale
Hot dog buns, store brand, on sale
Bread -- on sale
Vidalia onion
Package of celery hearts
Wine -- on sale
Hot dogs -- on sale

Total -- $45.95
Savings -- $11.39

My one error was the celery hearts -- I accidentally bought organic, which cost way more than I usually pay. I will have to make sure to use up all that expensive celery!

I also lost a pound and a half -- after two days of overeating! What gives? I'm glad anyway!

1 Responses to “Found a quarter!”

  1. baselle Says:

    Yippee with the quarter. Makes ya feel loved, doesn't it?
    I don't know what gives with the eating. Nobody agrees with me, but I really think there is a 1-2week lag between overeating and weight gain. I ate like a hog in Vietnam - 3 meals no walking - kept at 169, then ate okay with one meal out and boom, 5 pounds up.

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