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This weekend

June 13th, 2011 at 05:05 pm

It was a good weekend. On Saturday I got up and cleaned out my big closet, and took three big bags of donations to Goodwill. I also went through and re-organized my gift stash, and wrapped my DIL's gifts for her upcoming birthday.

I shopped at Goodwill, finding a pair of Coldwater Creek jeans, a Danskin hoodie and a GAP sweater for myself, as well as a Pyrex pie plate (identical to the one I bought a little while ago, so now I have a set). I bought a few toys to have around for the grandsons and a very cool wooden frame which I will put in the booth, when it's resurrected in its new place. And I bought 6 silver serving spoons, which I will give to my DS and DIL, who collect spoons. Probably at Christmas. Altogether it was $35.

Then I grocery shopped. I bought 16 items, because at the last minute I put some skewers in my cart for kabobs. My items:

Sirloin tip roast and bottom round roast (BOGO & $3 off coupon)
Greek yogurt
Cat chow ($1 off coupon)
Wine (on sale)
Crystal Light
Yellow squash (on sale)
Strawberries (on sale)
Mushroom soup
Can of mushrooms
Garbage bags
Chicken thighs (on sale)
Ice cream (on sale)
Nacho sauce

Total: $57.77
Savings: $20.43

I got really good deals on meats, and I spent some time processing them -- I cooked a bunch of chicken thighs in the crock pot, froze the rest in 2-unit batches, froze one roast whole and cut the other up in cubes and froze in 10-12 oz. batches.

On Sunday I went out to lunch with my son ($17) at a local diner.

It was nice weather (though cool) and I did a lot of walking.

I feel a nice sense of accomplishment.

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  1. My English Castle Says:

    I think it was the cool weather here too that made me so productive! As always, I admire your shopping!

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