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June totals

July 1st, 2011 at 08:47 am

June totals:

Rent: 1110
Vacation: 426
Gifts: 205
Business: 200
Utilities: 153
Fees/Services: 139
Groceries: 89
Gas: 82
Insurance: 61
Eating Out: 50
Medical/Health: 37
Clothing: 23
Vet/Pet Supplies: 16
Furnishings/Equipment: 8
Car Repair/Maintenance: 7

Vacation was a long weekend in Tennessee. Gifts included a wedding and two birthdays. Business included deposit on new antique booth location. Fees included license plates and I-pass payment.

July will be similar, with high vacation and business costs (I will actually be physically moving the booth items across country as part of my vacation). And my rent will go up.

In other news, I finished my appeal and will drop it in the mail at noon today. If I win it, I will feel like I made $8,000!

I'm getting ready for my trip -- will head out tomorrow and stay one night somewhere along the way. I'm getting too old to drive alone for 12-14 hours. I also plan to have a nice meal along the way, maybe at a Cracker Barrel. And I'm paying a co-worker to look in on my cats, both my pets and my ferals.

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