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All done!

July 11th, 2011 at 09:30 am

The booth is now completely set up in Indiana. It was a lot of work, but it looks very nice, and I hope the new location will spur some sales.

I'm home again, and last night I did my grocery shopping (15 items):

Cat Chow – on sale, $1 off coupon
Crackers – house brand on sale
Shredded cheese – on sale
Milk – on sale
2 Loaves Bread – BOGO
Mayonnaise – house brand on sale
Eggs -- $1 off coupon if 2 sausage purchased
2 Breakfast Sausage -- $.55 off coupon on each
Greek yogurt
Spaghetti sauce – on sale
Peanut Butter – house brand on sale

Total: $52.91
Total Savings $10.36

Vacation/Booth-moving Costs:

Food: $134
Pet Sitter: $40
Gas: $200
Lodging: $102
Hired help: $20
New labels, etc.: $14

I paid $44.48 to settle up at the NC booth, but got back $108 from my original deposit, so I came out ahead there.

Incidental expenses: reading glasses, $15; movie, $7, a new print for my bedroom wall $42. I KNEW I packed my reading glasses, but couldn't find them. After I bought a new pair I found them inside a shoe. I don't mind having an extra pair. It can live in my travel bag. The print for my wall is for a space I've been looking to fill for a long time. I found this oriental print in green tones, perfect color, perfect size, and I got the dealer discount since I bought it at the antique mall in NC.

Looks like I won’t be able to deposit extra savings this month – the remainder in my checking account will have to go toward next month’s Discover bill. Still, it’s always a plus when I don’t have to raid savings for unusual spending like this, and so far I'm okay.

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