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$285 left

July 22nd, 2011 at 10:54 am

This morning I stopped at a grocery store on the way to work and bought an anniversary card for my aunt & uncle and 2 pounds of blueberries. I went just for the card, but the blueberries were only $5 and looked irresistible. So I spent $8.

Yesterday my feeling of crumminess got overwhelming and I went home sick at noon. Turned out I was running a fever but didn't know it. (I don't seem to get a hot forehead like other people do). I took Aleve and slept on the couch in between watching The Tudors (the later episodes are now on Netflix streaming). Blood, sex, and beautiful costumes. Something for everyone! Anyway, I'm much better today.

The other day I looked at the heyitsfree website and really went through the birthday freebies. My birthday is next month. I signed up for a lot of free food from a lot of restaurants. I won't be able to use it all, especially if I am restricted to one day, but I think I can count on several good free meals. Of course, now I am in all the "clubs" and will get e-mail forever, but some of them sent "welcome" offers at well. I'll have to sort through them tonight.

I used a grill pan that I really like to cook kabobs the other day, and the marinade badly scorched the pan. I've tried everything to get it clean, including using oven cleaner. I guess I'll try one more round of oven cleaner, but after that I'll have to decide whether I want to dump the pan or use it as is. On the same day the bra I was wearing started poking me -- the underwire had worked its way out of the casing. I couldn't figure out how to get it back to its original state -- the wire actually seemed too long, like it grew or something! So I ended up throwing it out. With any luck, my weight loss will continue and I will need smaller bras soon, anyway. AND, on the same day, I decided to put a good pair of Clarks sandals in the Goodwill pile because every time I try to wear them I get a sore on top of my foot. It just rubs me the wrong way, literally. I hate to give up on things that should still have a lot of use in them, but c'est la vie!

2 Responses to “$285 left”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hurting your foot is a good reason to get rid of the sandals. Sorry about the grill pan and the bra -- both are frustrating, but sometimes you can't help those things that happen.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    So Tudors is on Netflix? I'm there! Hope you feel better soon. I've been sort of crummy myself--upset stomach and feverish, but I blamed jet lag and the heat.

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