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$167 left

August 8th, 2011 at 03:43 pm

I didn't think my weekend spending was too bad, but it did cut well into the $300.

Gas - $34
Groceries - $37
Prescription - $5
Parking - $4
Eating Out - $12
Gifts - $6
Wall Hanging - $3
Necklace - $2
Socks - $3

Gas and groceries -- not much I can do there. I felt like my grocery shopping was pretty productive. I bought my 15 items (I like to have several challenges going on at once, tee hee)

Granola - house brand
Milk - on sale
Red pepper - on sale
Green pepper - on sale
Shredded cheese - on sale
Horseradish spread - no-name brand
Bag of lettuce greens - on sale
Eggs - on sale
Can of tuna - on sale
Craisins - on sale
2 loaves of bread -- BOGO
Raspberries - on sale
2 packages chicken breasts - BOGO

Total savings: $12.82

Prescription -- a necessity, and cheap.

Parking -- surprise trip to the airport (helping out son)

Eating Out -- this was actually two "free" birthday meals -- one at IHOP, one at Brio Tuscan Grille. I did buy beverages and tipped appropriately for the value of the meals. The two meals actually fed me thee times, as the Brio meal was quite large -- and very delicious!

Gifts -- I went to Goodwill with my 25% off birthday card. Did not spend very much, but I spent $6 on a new shirt for my son and a gift bag.

Wall Hanging -- I also found a beautiful framed print of dogwood blossoms that will go in my bedroom. Dogwoods are special to me, and the price was amazing. This is a beautifully framed, professionally matted picture. Great find.

Necklace -- Goodwill again. Old gold beads with jet spacers. Couldn't pass it up.

Socks -- DSW. They sent me a $5 coupon. The cheapest thing I could find in the store was two pairs of half-socks. Anne Klein. Nice quality.

I think these are all things I would do as a retiree -- try to find the bargains wherever I can. Just have to watch the bottom line, also.

I also found some items for my booth at GW, but I'm not counting them, as I do not expect to have a booth after I retire (unless the thing miraculously starts making money!) I found a Japanese teapot, a Royal Holland pewter coffeepot, and an old tin (in good shape) for some kind of British goody (I can't remember what right now). Anyway, those three items cost me $5 and should bring in about 7 times that if they sell.

2 Responses to “$167 left”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Interesting how coupons for free or discounted items still get us to spend money! Just look at how much you spent just because of a coupon. If you didn't have them, how much would you have spent this weekend at those stores? Just something to think about.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Oh yes, I am very aware that I wouldn't have spent any money on eating out without those "free" coupons. Smile

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