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September 14th, 2011 at 01:13 pm

Yesterday I got a notice of a class action suit for owners of Toyota RAV4, 2001-2003. There was a lot to read, but the gist of it was that if I had paid for transmission work, it would be reimbursed. I haven't, and haven't had any trouble, so I guess I just won't respond. Which means I can't sue them later, but I'm not planning to.

Every day I get emails from BC/BS saying that a bill has been paid -- not in full, of course, there is always a "patient's responsibility." So far, though, I have only received one bill in the flesh. It is amazing to see the number of bills for all the different services provided. And I'm not done yet! I still have the actual surgery to get through!

Pay day tomorrow. I am so excited, because I'll get to make a big transfer into savings -- $653! And next month's Discover bill is pretty low, so next month's transfer should be pretty good, too. (I put all my day-to-day expenses on Discover and pay in full). I did put some big charges on Discover -- my son's wedding pictures, a medical bill -- but they haven't shown up yet.

This week we are interviewing the three finalists for the VP position in our office. I am struck by how young they are, and what a short time they have been in the field. It makes me feel like I've rather wasted my years -- but, I never really wanted to have the pressure a VP has -- I've never even wanted to be a director. I just like to do my work and go home. I've had to accept pretty low pay, but it's a lifestyle that suits me.

I just heard from an old friend who is coming to Chicago next week and wants to meet for coffee. Will probably mean a trip downtown after work, but it will be fun to see her. This Friday, a group of us from work will take one of our bosses out for dinner. She's getting married (family only ceremony) and this is our little celebration. So, fun stuff on the horizon!

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