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A spending spree

September 17th, 2011 at 06:35 pm

I'm in a bit of a spending spree. Last night I went out to dinner and it cost $38. I had decided to choose an healthy low-calorie meal, no matter what the cost. It was a fish special -- I can't remember the name of the fish, but it was an unfamiliar one. It was pretty good, but I was not blown away. But at least I stayed somewhat within my calorie limit. (Yesterday I said I would get chicken tacos, but it turned out I snacked during the day and had to scale down).

I still owe $$$ for part of the honoree's dinner, and for my part of her gift. We'll figure that out on Monday.

This morning I went to the grocery store with my freshly-weeded packet of coupons (there were a LOT of expired coupons!) I stuck to my fifteen items, since one of my Lean Cuisine coupons was expired.

House brand honey nut cheerios -- ($1 off coupon)
House brand tissue
6 Lean Cuisines - on sale & $1.25 off coupon
Bag of romaine lettuce - on sale
2 boxes pre-cooked bacon -- $1 off coupon
Ice cream - on sale
Pecan Sandies - on sale
Tomatoes on the vine
Cat Chow

Total -- $51.49
Total Savings -- $17.26

I also bought birthday presents for my grandson, which I didn't count with the fifteen. I bought a Diego doll, a duckling Beanie baby (he loves ducks), a four-pack of Play-Doh, some inflatable swim rings and birthday card for a grand total of $25. As the second child, this kid has everything in the world already, so I didn't go all out. The point will be the fun of opening the gifts.

I found another gift for him at Goodwill - $5 for a brand-new (with tags) Carter's baseball shirt. So that should round out the gift package nicely.

Other finds at Goodwill:

A Sag Harbor lightweight beige jacket, like new, $7
A fully-lined wool plaid blazer with velvet collar, $7
Two Japanese figurines for the booth - $1.98
Variety of gift wrap, $3
A Hunt Club sweatshirt, like new, $5

I also bought gas -- $38.30.

And I bought lunch at McDonald's -- $3.91. Could have skipped that -- I had food at home -- but I had a craving for the mango smoothie.

I still have to get a haircut, but I may do that tomorrow.

Oh, and another medical bill arrived -- this one from the infusion center -- $97.

Money out, money out!

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