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Another bill

September 23rd, 2011 at 01:28 pm

This one from the infectious disease center. My share is $300.06. It doesn't give me the option of using my Discover card, and it's too big for my FlexPro card. Guess I'll put it on my Capital One. I will definitely have to hit savings next month to pay these off. I hate it that I am getting these bills at the same time that stocks are falling. Feels like a double whammy.

Tomorrow is my grandson's birthday. I'll go up in the morning for the party. I am regretting that I skipped the haircut last Saturday, because now it's looking pretty weedy. Not that my grandson will care, but I will see some folks that I don't see too often. My ex will probably be there. He actually came to visit when I was in the hospital, though, so he has seen me at my worst. (And no, I don't really care!)

Offermatic gave me a $5 rebate offer for anything at Michael's. I figure I can find something I can use for just over $5. Once I figure out where Michael's is! I've been here two years, and still, I am a newbie in many ways! Maybe if I were a big shopper I would get around more, but I'm not, so I only know a few shopping centers.

Someone here at work is bringing in cans of food and leaving them in the break room. No note or anything. I assume they are cleaning out their pantry and sharing. I have let them be for a few days, but if there are any left at the end of the day I will take some of them. I have no objection to free food! They are mainly soup and fruit; things I can use.

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