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Heading to work

October 10th, 2011 at 05:00 am

I'm off to work. I feel pretty good, though I haven't stopped taking pain pills. I imagine today will be tiring, but I'm glad to be back in action. I'm glad to have this whole thing behind me.

I checked my Discover account and it is more than $1700. I also put $300 on my Capital One card. I'll be making a withdrawal from savings to pay both of those off.

The medical bills seem be slacking off, so I hope this will be the worst month.

On Thursday I am heading to a day-long conference downtown, and this weekend I will work Homecoming -- usually that means working at a registration table somewhere, probably for several different events. I am certainly jumping back into the fray. Hope my strength holds up.

I didn't try to diet during this time at home -- in fact, I ate everything I wanted to. The scale didn't punish me this morning. I'm back to counting calories today. I can't outgrow my wardrobe!

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