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My to-do list

October 12th, 2011 at 08:02 am

I've started something new with my to-do list. I used to make a pretty long list, putting down every thing I could think of, and then crossing off the few things I actually did.

Recently, I've been putting my to-do list on one of those mini post-it notes and attaching it to my DayRunner. There is room for only about six lines. It forces me to choose what REALLY needs to get done. The next day I make sure I've done them all and throw away the note, and make a new one. I may be no more productive, but it feels like I am!

In other news, I pulled up my Discover statement, which closed yesterday. It is $1784 -- maybe a new high. This includes $972 in medical, $276 to supermarkets (with a $40 cashover on one trip), $84 for services, $38 for gasoline, $65 to restaurants, $347 for merchandise (big chunk of that went to framing the samplers). So I can't completely blame medical, but without the medical it would have been a fairly typical month. I'll pay it off on Friday when I get paid.

My dryer is working. Hurray! So nice to have that taken care of with no cost and no hassle. Of course, I'm paying for it in my rent.

AND, I found a shiny new dime!

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