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Couldn't stick to 15 items today

October 16th, 2011 at 02:00 pm

Too many deals to take advantage of...

10 packages Green Giant frozen vegetables -- on sale
5 packs of yogurt desserts -- on sale
4 Grands biscuits - 3 coupons $1.10 off -- on sale
1 Pillsbury crescent rolls -- on sale
Wine -- on sale
Box of 4 bakery muffins -- $1 off coupon
Body wash - on sale
Bread -- on sale
Milk -- on sale
2 boxes Russell Stover chocolates - BOGO

Total: $49.80
Savings: $29.11

The chocolates are for a co-worker who helped me out a lot when I was sick.

The yogurt desserts, biscuits and crescent rolls were part of a General Mills promotion -- got $5 off for buying 10.

I thawed and cooked a pan full of chicken medallions this morning which I will use throughout the week.

My fridge and freezer are unusually well-stocked. I might try and skip grocery shopping next Saturday.

Last night, at the final dinner for Homecoming, I missed my chance for another free meal. After the guests were all seated, our alumni director told me I could go home. (I had been there since 3:30). I started putting on my coat, and the waiter suddenly arrived, delivering salads to the working staff! Well, I felt funny saying, "Oh, I think I'll stay for the meal!" when I already had my coat half on, so I left. Truthfully, I was glad to go; I was very tired and ready to sleep. I came home and had some chicken noodle soup and conked out for the night.

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