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Exhausting weekend

October 30th, 2011 at 02:40 pm

I babysat my grandsons on Friday and Saturday. Their mom & dad were home both nights, but I stayed overnight because they wanted to do some late nights as well as run a marathon on Saturday morning. The boys are just at the ages, 4 and 2, where they are fun but a LOT of work. Add to that I didn't sleep well on my Aerobed and it made for an exhausting weekend. Still, I was happy to do it and there were many precious moments.

My son paid back my loan to him, so I am feeling much better about my savings. I knew it would be soon but didn't expect it this weekend.

My only spending was $4.97 for a McDonalds meal on the way there. It turned out I got there in time to have supper with them, but you never know with Friday night traffic in the Chicago metro area. I took along a shepherd's pie to have on Saturday, which was a big flop with the boys. There was about half left, which I meant to bring home for lunches, but forgot. Maybe my DIL will find it, and at least the grownups can enjoy it. It was delicious! But as my grandson, said, "ALL THAT FOOD ALL MIXED TOGETHER! UGH"

I also left my phone there! Oh well, I'm not much of a phone-talker, and most everyone who knows me will email me or call me at work if they're really trying to get hold of me. I guess I will meet my son in the middle some time this week to get it back.

The girls' weekend downtown is on. One of my friends booked a room at the Marriot for $129 and we will share. Tomorrow I'll see if I can book tea at the Drake Hotel, though it's doubtful this late in the season.

I just baked some brownie bites for the Halloween party at work tomorrow. As long as they come out of the pan okay after cooling, all went well. I made Parker brownies from the Fanny Farmer cookbook. They are extra rich, very yummy.

I'm supposed to wear a "funny hat" to the party tomorrow to compete for prizes. I don't really have any funny hats and I'm not going to buy one, so I think I'll take my baseball hat from Cheers, just to show them I'm in the spirit.

1 Responses to “Exhausting weekend”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    It's nice to have some insurance that your family will repay loans and is reliable in that regard. Glad that you had some time with the grandsons, but you are right... 4 and 2 are ages that lead to a LOT of energy expended! Smile Jerry

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