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The spending

November 28th, 2011 at 06:57 pm

My Thanksgiving weekend was not as bad as I thought, financially. I spent $59 on food donated to the dinner/hosts, $43 on gas & road food, and $22 on entertainment (Puss in Boots movie with grandkids). Also that $9 I spent on clothes at the thrift shop, and I'm going to guess $5 on that fancy coffee -- didn't save the receipt. I also spent $54 on groceries for myself. (That includes the stuff I brought home that was not used at Thanksgiving). I used a lot of coupons, but only saved $14.

Tonight I'm meeting my son in Morton Grove for his birthday dinner. (This is always an expensive time of year.) I'm bringing his gifts -- a board game, a cribbage board (needless to say, he LOVES games), some fancy hair wax and pancake molds. Pancake molds, you say? He is the official pancake maker at his home and I found some Christmas shapes that will be fun on Christmas morning. The big gift is the board game. It is one of those expensive European ones. I do hope he hasn't figured out this blog and is spoiling his surprise right now!

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