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Fun Day

December 29th, 2011 at 12:25 am

This morning I went up to check on my son's cats. They were just fine. Hadn't eaten much though. I topped off their bowls, put down fresh water and cleaned the litter box.

Meanwhile I was texting with my BFF. She may come to Chicago for the weekend with her son and his family. I have offered to let them all stay with me, though I have little space -- they would have to settle for tight quarters. But it sounds like they will make other plans. I hope to be able to see them, though -- maybe meet up at a museum or something.

On the way home I was hungry, so, remembering my resolution to forgo fast food and go to locally-owned restaurants, I stopped at a pancake house. It was packed! This was not a struggling business. I ordered a Monte Cristo sandwich and brought home half of it, as well as a serving of potato salad. I did have a warm ciabatta roll while I was waiting for my order, so that cut into my appetite. The meal, with coffee, was $10.72 and I left a $2 tip. Can't do this too often, but it was a lot more pleasant than driving through McDonald's.

My drive home took me right by my Goodwill, and I couldn't resist stopping. I spent a long time there, but only spent $17. For one thing, I got the 15% senior citizen discount. Hey! There IS an advantage to silvery hair! I didn't even ask for a discount. Turns out every Wednesday is Senior Citizens Day so I will try to do my shopping on Wednesdays.

I spent $9 on potential gifts -- brand new shrink-wrapped photo albums from Hallmark, a dog-shaped frame, and a new Yankee Candle Christmas votive (with the candle included). And I spent $7 on items to go into my booth -- a "Classic Malts of Scotland" water jug (worth $7), a Howard Johnson's ashtray (not vintage, worth maybe $3), a Pfaltzgraff platter in an unusual pattern I haven't been able to identify yet -- I'm guessing it will be worth about $10, vintage Noritake salt & pepper shakers (worth $8), a "Parsley" teapot from Salem China (worth $20), and a little Lenox-type clock which I bought just to remove the timepiece and put in my real Lenox clockcase. However, I can't seem to get it to pop out, so I may sell it as is.

I love scrounging for finds and researching them. I wish I could make money at it.

2 Responses to “Fun Day”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    You make me want to go back to Goodwill when you talk about it! Last time I was there I scored a Nordic Ware bug cake pan for $4. I hesitated at first, but I did not regret it after I saw what those normally sell for. Now I need the dinosaur one. Big Grin Things in life I didn't know I need!

  2. baselle Says:

    Great scores!

    Participating in the death bet is very easy. (I'm still the MC for 2012). Send me an email to baselle at speakeasy dot org with your list and I'll send you the address you'll be sending the $20 to. Celebrities have got to be people, and they have to have a wikipedia page. I take your list, compile it with everybody elses, set up the hyperlinks, email it back. I'd like the list by the first week of January.

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