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No seat belt yet

January 31st, 2012 at 02:18 pm

Once more I went to Toyota to get my seat belt buckle replaced. Once more they had ordered the wrong part! The service guy was so embarrassed. So it's back again tonight, hopefully, this time, to get it done. The guy promised me I would get this really, really cheap for all my trouble.

Yesterday I got my W-2 in the mail. I opened it up and looked at, and I swear, I thought it was blank. I even brought it in to work this morning to show it to payroll. Good thing I looked first, because the numbers are there; they are just small. I didn't know my eyes were getting that bad!

I picked up my prescription last night at the grocery store - $5. They included a bag of samples, which was a nice surprise. I also got my second stamp for a refill -- when I get three, I'll get a $25 gift certificate for the store. I already got a $25 card just for the transfer, so I'm glad I did this. Ir will be more convenient, too.

Had a good day on Sunday -- went up to see my kids and watch my grandson at his hockey practice. He is such a diligent little pupil, but he hasn't learned yet to just let go and glide. He "walks" on the ice; and is so careful he never falls. He probably should have just had skating lessons first, but he is so entranced with the idea that he is playing hockey. He lights up whenever he gets to hold the stick. Fun to watch!

2 Responses to “No seat belt yet”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Yes, I find it odd that they don't have that part on hand. Luckily, my belt will work with some finagling; it's just a pain, and I don't trust that it would hold in an accident. But I won't get a ticket for not wearing one!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I hope they get that part soon. Goodness, what's wrong with businesses when they don't have parts...rhetorical question, I know. No one seems to have an inventory anymore.

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