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Taxes done -- halfway

February 6th, 2012 at 05:07 pm

Got my federal taxes done yesterday -- they are quite simple these days. My refund will be $773. It looks like I will have to pay state tax -- under $100, so I will put off doing that for a while. I'll do the state tax on paper; for the federal I used the free part of TurboTax.

Had a free breakfast this morning -- two birthday girls at work brought in bagels, rolls, cookies and brownies. All the carbs you could possibly desire. Since this is not a low-carb day, I indulged.

Today is also my baby boy's birthday! He is 34! He is vacationing in San Francisco, so I texted him a happy birthday message.

I realized while planning his birthday dinner (this Friday) that I no longer have a tablecloth. I think I will get one, since I would like the dinner to be somewhat elegant -- or maybe some nice place mats. Since I will be doing birthday meals for three more people this year -- or five, if I include the grandchildren -- I think it might be a good thing to invest in some table dressing. I guess I will check out Kohl's on my way home.

I woke up this morning with a powerful headache, but after taking 3 Advil it is gone. Still, I am not feeling at the top of my game. Maybe there are some Monday blues involved, too. Smile

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