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The last few days

February 13th, 2012 at 12:27 am

Friday was a low-carb day, and while I had supper covered (chicken in the crockpot), I didn't have much on hand for lunch. So I went to the cafeteria and spent $5 on a portobello sandwich with a side of Brussel sprouts and a small salad. I removed the bun and saved it for the next day.

In the evening I did my grocery shopping, this time shopping for my son's birthday dinner, so I couldn't make it under $20. I spent $33. The flank steak was surprisingly expensive and there were only two packages -- barely enough, but I think it will do. I also bought a bag of red potatoes, fresh mushrooms, milk, sour cream, eggs, a nice wine (almost $10!) -- AND -- a box of Kraft mac & cheese, because I promised to babysit the grandkids on Saturday, and I've learned it's always good to have a box on hand.

The birthday dinner menu is now London Broil, mapled carrots, smashed potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms, with cabernet sauvignon and some kind of bread which is yet to be purchased. Pretty much the same, but I didn't get the Brussel sprouts because they looked sickly, and they were pricey! I think the mushrooms will be a nicer touch anyway.

I was planning to buy a chocolate cake from Portillo's, but since I had all day today to prepare -- and bananas to use up -- I made a banana cake from scratch. Tomorrow I will assemble the two layers with a vanilla pudding filling and orange caramel glaze on top. Now I just need to stop at the store tomorrow and buy some good bread, some orange juice for the glaze, and some birthday candles!

As I said, Saturday was devoted to baby-sitting. I went up to Evanston to watch my grandson's basketball game (with five-year-olds you can hardly call it a basketball game!) Then I packed up the boys and headed home. We ate at McDonald's so they could explore the PlayPlace. Spent about $12 there. Then we went home and watched Netflix shows, worked puzzles, read storybooks and played Yahtzee. In the evening the parents came bearing Smashburgers and relieved a very tired Grandma! (And I never did use that mac & cheese!)

The two-year-old proved to be a real boy when he insisted on manning the remote. I said very firmly, "No, I HAVE to do this," and he replied just as firmly, "NO, I HAVE to do this!" With all the authority in the world. So cute.

Today I just stayed in all day. Besides making the cake, I got all the food prepped for tomorrow, ironed some pants, FINALLY sewed that button on my sweater, but most of the day I spent on the couch, reading. I'd love another day just like it, but tomorrow it's back to work!

2 Responses to “The last few days”

  1. Labdaemon Says:

    I, too, noticed the dramatic increase in beef prices. $3/lb for ground beef? I read recently, though, that the drought in the southern part of the US has thinned down cattle herds to pre-1950 levels.

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    Yes - beef is definitely getting more expensive. I have seen it here too.

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