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A Downton Abbey Day

February 20th, 2012 at 01:48 am

Knowing the final episode of the season was airing tonight, I tried to catch up on all the episodes online today. But I ran out of time. The final episode is showing now, but I still haven't seen episode 6. So I will wait and catch it and episode 7 on the computer as well.

Still, it's been a delightful day, living in Downton Abbey!

We finally got my son's birthday dinner under our belts! It all went well. The only mishap was the cake. I had frozen the layers, but when I unwrapped them, some of the cake peeled off with the foil. I couldn't hide the damage, but it still tasted good. Everything else was a hit. He loved his presents -- especially the jacket, which fit well and which he said would be just right to wear in the helicopter. After lunch he, his wife and I took a nice walk with his dog in the almost springlike weather -- it was just a good day all round.

On Friday night I did my $20 grocery shopping. This time I only counted food in the $20 and I spent $19.32. I spent a little more for birthday candles and cat food, so the total bill was $26. The $19 bought a gallon a milk, a jug of Simply Orange, a pint of sour cream, 8 ounces of cream cheese, a half-gallon of ice cream, a package of frozen spinach and two packages of sliced cheese (one Swiss, one cheddar). Everything was on sale except for the spinach. Sure was a lot of dairy, wasn't it? Most of the items were needed for the birthday meal, which was, in its final incarnation: London Broil, sour cream smashed potatoes, mushroom-Swiss crescent rolls, creamed spinach, and banana cake with vanilla filling and orange-caramel glaze. And a nice cabernet sauvignon.

On Friday I had an out-of-town all-day meeting for a professional organization I belong to. I volunteered for a committee, and was surprised to learn that I am expected to go to board meetings once a month. And they are held downtown. I guess I thought I would do my committee work by phone and email! Well, I will make the best of it, but that will be an expense I wasn't counting on. The College won't pay the expenses, not with their budget problems.

On the bright side, for this particular meeting I got a free lunch, but on the other hand, had to pay $5 for parking. This meeting was NOT downtown but in a small town about an hour away. Parking in the city will be much higher.

I've been fighting a sore throat all weekend. It just won't go away. Usually a sore throat means a cold is coming on, but so far, no other symptoms. I do hope I don't have strep, or something ugly like that!

Today I made chicken soup, which sure tasted good on my throat. Since this is a low carb day, it is just broth, chicken and onion. Tomorrow I will add noodles. I also made some granola, which is drying out now. I'm looking forward to having some for breakfast. My $20 challenge is forcing me to do a lot more cooking from scratch, but I am enjoying the process. I am feeling quite accomplished, actually!

3 Responses to “A Downton Abbey Day”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Did you wrap the cake in the foil before you froze it? Because that is the likeliest reason to cause sticking. If you put the cake on a cookie sheet and freeze it for 24 hours before wrapping it in the foil, the foil should not stick. There's too much moisture in cake, even if it's at room temperature, to wrap it in foil and then freeze it. Sticking also might be caused if you didn't unwrap it immediately while it was still frozen, but did it when it was partially thawed.

  2. laura Says:

    This morning I'm mourning the loss of Downtown on my regular Sunday night viewing until the next season comes out. Any idea when that is? I've heard that Shirley McLaine is joining the cast as Lady Cora's mother from America. Might have to go back and revisit Cranford and Lark Rise to Candleford.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Yes, LuckyRobin, I did it all wrong, but now I'll know for next time!

    Laura, I'd watch for the new season schedule on

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