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Goodwill Wednesday

February 23rd, 2012 at 02:18 pm

I didn't make it to Goodwill last Wednesday, and the week before I didn't buy anything. So I guess I was ready!

I spent $39 after my 15% discount. I am very excited by some of my finds. First of all, remember I was looking for corduroy pants? I finally gave up and decided I didn't need any. Well, last night, I found a like-new pair of Ralph Lauren cords in a nutmeg-brown shade. Perfect! And though I wasn't looking for a sweater, I happened upon a gorgeous Ralph Lauren off-white cable-knit turtleneck. I wonder if the same person brought them in?

So now I am all set to hike upon the moors, rambling through the heathers with my hounds! Oh heck, I may even wear the outfit to work!

Another great find was a new set of Legos -- Star Wars edition. It is actually an advent set for 2011, so before I gift it, I will take the Legos out of the box and repackage. My grandson will LOFF this! (His word for love).

Two gifts for my two daughters-in-law: a Fiesta bowl (white) for one, and a planter (rusty orange with a maple leaf pattern) for the other.

And I found six mini-plates for the booth. A set of three Copenhagen plates, one from Venice, and two Bavarian. And two Delft tiles.

For myself, another English bone china mug. Which I now officially collect, because this is the third one!

In other news, my son called and asked me for good dates in June for a camping weekend. We will rent a cabin somewhere in Indiana and have a long weekend together. My DIL's mother will come, too. I always love having something to look forward to!

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  1. laura Says:

    Lovely finds! Smile

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