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A fun day

February 25th, 2012 at 10:27 pm

So far it's been a delightful day. I went to the grocery early in the morning and spent my $20 on food and another $16 on other items. The food I got for $20: bread, bacon bits, cream, walnuts, and brown sugar. Not a lot, huh? Part of the reason is that a got a big bag of walnuts, which was $10, a quart of cream and 2 lbs. of brown sugar. I am still trying to get the best unit price even though I am limiting myself to $20. The cream and bacon bits are to go into the quiche I'm making (I already have the cheese, eggs and pie crust). I always keep walnuts around, because they are low-carb and good for lowering cholesterol. Brown sugar -- well, I can't eat my oatmeal without it.

The non-food items were deoderant, vinegar and 2 bags of candy. Wait, you say, some of those are food! Well, the vinegar I use mainly for cleaning, almost never for cooking, and the candy is going to work so I'm counting it as a gift. Every once in a while I have to feed the candy kitty at work.

After the grocery I stopped at the library to get my state tax form. I also found two books to check out and I bought some used books -- mostly children's books to have at home for my grandchildren. $1.75 spent there.

After unloading my groceries I went to see "The Artist" using my AMC gift card. It was wonderful! I didn't know quite what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm planning to go back tonight and see "The Descendents." Then I will have seen the two top contenders -- and I've already seen Hugo -- so that will make it more fun to watch the award show tomorrow night.

After the movie I stopped at Portillo's for lunch. Someone had recommended the tamales. When I ordered, I asked for tamales, and the clerk said, "How many?" I didn't know how big they were, so I asked, "How many should I order?" She said she would recommend two. Well, the tamales were pretty big, so I ate one and brought the other one home to have tomorrow. Pretty yummy, though, and cheap! Only $1.69 each. The whole lunch was $7.56 -- two tamales, onion rings and a drink.

And then I went to Kohl's to look for a winter coat. I found one, too -- not exactly what I was looking for -- but I wasn't really sure what I was looking for anyway, other than warm! I bought a Fila puffy jacket in turquoise and purple. It's very casual. It'll be great for weekends, and it will do for work, too, on casual days. It's very warm, and the colors look surprisingly good on me. But the best part is the price -- $46, marked down from $220!

Now I'm just kicking back until my next movie. And that reminds me. When I was at the theater, it struck me that there was nothing to keep me from walking into another movie after I'd watched the first one. How do they monitor that? Or do they just assume that some will take advantage? I've always wondered. Has anyone ever worked in a multi-plex theater? (Not that I'm planning to, I'm just curious).

Oh, and I also got a $5 Target gift card in the mail -- can't remember what I did to get it! So I counted that in my extra income, along with 3 pennies I found!

5 Responses to “A fun day”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Yes, I've worked at a mulitplex. Some theaters set up ropes to route those leaving the theater out. Otherwise, it really is up to the staff to keep a look out. I don't think it happens too often because most people are honest. It does happen though.

  2. patientsaver Says:

    Great deal on that coat.

    I've done that once or twice in my lifetime....snuck in to see a 2nd movie. I don't think too many people do feel a a little bleary-eyed afterwards.

    I keep walnuts in the house all the time too, but mainly becus they're very nutritious and offer a lot of health benefits.

  3. patientsaver Says:

    did you ever find/see that robin williams movie i told you about? Seize the Day?

  4. My English Castle Says:

    What a nice relaxing weekend--but now I want a Portillo's hot dog.

  5. CB in the City Says:

    PS, no, I haven't. Looks like the library does not own it, and it's not available for Netflix streaming. However, there are a couple of other libraries I can check.

    EC, I have a hard time at Portillo's choosing between a hot dog and a hamburger -- now I have to throw tamales into the mix!

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