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February 27th, 2012 at 03:55 pm

I did go see "The Descendents" on Saturday night -- free, of course, with my AMC gift card. I still have $10 left on it.

I liked it, and it was fun to see an evening movie with a big crowd -- something I haven't done in years. The theater complex was so busy I had trouble finding a parking place, so I guess the movie business is alive and well.

On Sunday, my cold was rearing its head, so I stayed in all day, which was kind of a shame since it was so nice outside. I showered only to dress again in a fresh pair of pajamas.

I made a quiche, and because there was some egg/cream liquid left over I also made a small breakfast casserole. Then I made some split pea soup, since I still had half a bag of peas left. I used bacon bits instead of ham, we'll see how it tastes. I brought some for lunch today.

I watched Episode 6 of Downton Abbey during the day and in the evening watched the Oscars. I'm also reading the latest Sarah Paretsky book. I love to read her V.I. Warshawski mysteries because they're set in Chicago.

I sold another book on This one only .75 -- it's one I've had for a long time and I'm kind of surprised it sold. I'll pack it up tonight and send it tomorrow.

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