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Yesterday's spending

April 16th, 2012 at 02:20 pm

Yesterday I spent $28 on a book, "In the Garden of Beasts." I was at a lecture & book signing by Erik Larson, and it was PACKED! Even though I got there early I had a seat in the back -- then I had to give it up to a Trustee. Why can't important people come on time? Bleh. So I ended up standing up in the foyer, watching and listening through glass. Halfway through, the nice man who was selling the books gave me his chair, so I didn't have to stand up the whole time. The good part about being in the back, though, was being at the front of the line for the signing part. I had the author dedicate it to my son, and I will give the book to him. But I'll read it first, of course!

It was a good lecture -- he was a very engaging speaker.


Breakfast: Veggie scramble, iced coffee with creamer
Lunch: Lasagna, salad, iced tea
Dinner: Chicken teriaki, egg foo yun
Snack: granola w/ milk

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