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April 24th, 2012 at 05:20 pm

Yesterday's spending:

Lab bill: $27.00
Flowers for aunt: $65
Water bill: $26
Booth rental: $83

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast: Banana bread
Lunch: Ziti w/ground beef & marinara
Dinner: Egg salad on crackers, peanut soup
Snacks: Cereal, oatmeal cookies

The flowers I sent to my aunt were pretty expensive, but I really thought the daisies and yellow roses would be just the ticket for her. So cheerful. I ordered them on FTD through MyPoints, so at least I got some points.

Speaking of which, I have earned enough points now for my $50 Amazon card -- just waiting for the credits to come through.

I've been invited to a wedding in Florida this September. The bride is the daughter of my ex-husband. She was born after we split up, so she was never my step-daughter. But she is my kids' half-sister, and we have had a cordial relationship. I am quite touched that I am invited to the wedding. I will try to go. It will be a nice September vacation! And my aunt and uncle live nearby, so I can get in a visit to them, too.

I put in a request to attend a conference in Minneapolis this August. I don't know what my chances are for going -- the College is not conducive to extra expenses right now, but I thought I might as well try. Besides it being a very worthy conference for my profession, I would get to see a friend who lives in Minneapolis, maybe even stay with her a few days after the conference is over. We'll see.

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