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Daily expenses challenge

April 28th, 2012 at 09:33 pm

Yesterday I donated $100 to the National Brain Tumor Society. My son and his wife are taking part in the Race for Hope (I did it last year). I figure I'm saving so much money by not going to DC that donating $100 is a savings.

I also paid the water bill - $26.

Today I did my grocery shopping - $19.68. Items bought: milk, bread, 3 boxes of fruit & grain bars, can of tuna, bag of popcorn (not microwave), wine, jar of alfredo sauce, eggs, and a bag of coconut.

I bought 3 boxes of of fruit & grain bars because I had a coupon to get one of them free.

Ordinarily I would make alfredo sauce, but this was only $1, cheaper than what I would have spent for the ingredients.

The coconut is to go into homemade granola. I was supposed to buy almonds, too, but I balked at the price. I have walnuts on hand, and they are better for me anyway.

I also bought a bottle of Ultimate Flora for $23.99, a bag of cat food for $5.29 and 3 cards for $7.49.

Then I went to Dollar General with my $5 off coupon (had to spend $25). I bought two jugs of kitty litter, maxi pads, Advil, liquid soap, coffee, and Ziploc bags. (The coffee doesn't count in my food bill because I'm taking it to work). $26.

Then I bought gas -- $38.72. The price of gas has plummeted to to $4.03 per gallon -- probably still the most expensive in the nation.

I made a stop at the library and took out two new books, and for $2 checked out a recent DVD -- "My Week with Marilyn."

That reminds me, last week I checked out a really good movie, "A Better Life." It's about a father who is an illegal immigrant struggling to make a better life for his son. Very moving and realistic. I couldn't help but compare it to "Pretty in Pink" which I had recently watched on the TV Guide channel. It was also about a family with financial problems, but so fake in comparison. You just couldn't believe Molly Ringwald was really poor.

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ brown sugar, coffee
Lunch: Ziti w/ground beef and marinara
Dinner: Corn pone pie (chili topped w/cornbread), milk
Snack: Gingersnaps

Today's meals:

Breakfast: Apple pancakes, coffee
Lunch: Corn pone pie, milk
Snack: Fruit & grain bars

Dinner (planned): Grilled cheese sandwich, sliced peaches, green beans, wine

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