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$300 challenge & the earnest money

May 18th, 2012 at 12:53 pm

I had to express-mail the signed contract to my realtor because the fax was coming out too light. So I spent $21.95 at the post office for postage and for a book of stamps. Down to $132.

As for the $10,000 earnest money -- in the contract it states that $1,000 is to be paid upon acceptance of the offer, and then increased to a total of $10,000 2 days after. I totally trust my realtor; he is a longtime family friend; I know he would not cheat me. And he works for a very large established and well-respected Chicago realty business. So I think that is just the way it is in the city.

I do need to find out if I can in turn use the $9,000 that I get back toward my down payment. That would make things easier.

I have not been keeping up on the 5-5-5 challenge at all; I have been too involved with real estate!

Tomorrow morning my apartment's maintenance team is painting doors in my building. That means I will have to stay home until the paint dries, as the door can't be closed and locked until then. So I'll grocery shop later in the day. It should be a quick trip; I am well-stocked with meat, just need to plan some meals around what I have and pick up the few things I need.

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