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Poor planning

May 23rd, 2012 at 02:58 pm

I didn't get it on my calendar -- my grandson's preschool graduation is tomorrow evening. Only a problem because I also have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Both events are in the same general area, but 45-50 minutes away from work -- and I'm scheduled to work in the afternoon. I don't have ANY more vacation time to play with until the fiscal year rolls over on July 1, so I can't take the afternoon off. So it looks like I will make a long drive four times tomorrow. Oh, that's nuts. I'll try to reschedule the doctor's appointment. Hope it's not too late.

No news on the condo -- no counter offer yet to my latest offer. My son alerted me to another condo that seemed to have all the features I wanted at a lower price, but when I had my realtor check it out, he found they had already received a contract.

Soon I will have to talk to my rental agent. I am supposed to renew by June 15. I'll have to tell them what's going on, and that I'm in limbo. I hope they will give me a month-to-month lease, especially since I've been a good tenant for three years now.

No spending yesterday. I've given up on my 5-5-5 challenge, but I am trying to get in 15 minute bursts of exercise three times a day.

Last night I made a Bubba burger for dinner (veggies, too, but the story is the Bubba burger). Because it's so big and such a weird shape, I trimmed it down after cooking it to fit nicely in my smallish bun. I have a cup of white sauce in the freezer, so tonight I'm going warm up the leftover burger bits in the sauce, season it, and pour over biscuits (if I have the energy to make biscuits from scratch). Otherwise I'll just serve it over bread. That'll be a nice cheap meal. I'll supplement with veggies & fruit, of course.

Well, I'm off to make my call to the doctor! Hope I can cancel without penalty.

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