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Dinner, vacuum and camping

June 6th, 2012 at 04:22 pm

Last evening I went out to dinner with my former boss. I had estimated that I would spend $15 and I spent $14.98! It was Happy Hour at a Pan-Asian restaurant and appetizers and drinks were 50% off, so I had coconut shrimp, dumplings, and an apple martini. Yummy. That leaves me with $90.

Tonight I will finally pick up my vacuum. The serviceman had apparently had some kind of family emergency, so the repair was delayed. No problem, really, since I didn't have company, but I will be glad to give the carpet a good cleaning!

The repair cost is $89. Obviously, I can't take it out of my spending money and leave myself with $1 for the month, so I will count it as an emergency expense. (And a broken vacuum is a kind of emergency, isn't it?)

Just before I hung up the guy said, "Don't forget my Oreck!" I said, "What? It's a Dyson." No, he said. The loaner. I told him I didn't get a loaner, but that when I talked to the guy who was covering for him, we had a bad connection, and for all I know he offered a loaner. But I didn't take it. I hope this doesn't turn into a problem. Someone else has his Oreck.

Tomorrow I start my camping vacation. It's going to be pretty cushy camping -- in a cabin, not a tent. I have to bring my own linens but so far that's all I know. Oh, and I did volunteer that I would bring the coffee maker and coffee. My DIL is planning the menu; I assume I will reimburse her for groceries. Other than sleeping and eating, we will spend our days taking hikes and scouting out playground areas, maybe swimming a bit. The grandsons are only 5 and 2, so we won't be doing anything TOO adventurous!

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  1. Jerry Says:

    That is definitely an emergency, and does not lead to a "personal" expense in my book... assuming we view cleanliness as important! Smile I am glad that you have some insurance of a good repairman, it sounds like, and I hope that the Dyson is back to working well poste-haste.

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