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Last Night's Condo

July 17th, 2012 at 10:37 am

I had such high hopes for the condo I looked at last night. Good neighborhood, first floor, updated kitchen and bath ... One closet. Make that one weird closet that didn't even seem to be designed for clothing. Small, shallow, short and full of odd drawers that were too shallow to store anything. Uh, no. Also the kitchen was tiny and the bathroom didn't have much water pressure. I will keep looking, but I'm getting discouraged. Nevertheless, I have plenty of time.

After the showing, I went out for pizza with my son's family. Since I had no cash at all on me, they picked up the tab. At least it was 1/2 price pizza.

It was a bad day for low-carb eating, which is to say, low-carb eating didn't happen. I had a cupcake, a brownie, and half a bagel besides the pizza. I'm back on the wagon today. This is a journey, not a sprint. Or whatever that saying is!

I promised to give a co-worker $20 for a raffle ticket -- it's a cause I have supported in years past and I didn't want to say no. She said she doesn't need the money till August, so that's when she will get it. It will come out of my next $300.

Who knows, maybe I will win? All the prizes are cash.

I met with my new boss today and suddenly I have a buttload of work to do. Isn't that how it always goes?

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