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Spent 50c

July 20th, 2012 at 12:33 pm

At noon today I decided to get out and walk since the weather is pretty nice for a change, and I haven't been getting the exercise I should. On my walk I ran into a garage sale. I looked everything over pretty carefully but the only thing worth buying was a very nice cake spatula with a wooden handle for 50c. A spatula has actually been on my mental list of things to buy, so I am very happy with this purchase.

This evening after work our whole office is going to an open house at the home of one of our Trustees. Actually, it is the Trustee for whom I've done some dog-sitting. I know it will be a nice spread, and I'm planning on making that my supper, even though it won't be all low-carb. I'll just be sure to get SOME protein and won't go overboard on the carbs.

I paid my water bill this morning, online, via my landlord's website. Because I was late on last month's, that will be two water bills this month. But bills don't come out of my $300, so that's okay. I was wondering how it was going to work, paying my landlord directly, but it was easy -- the bill came to my email and I logged on to the site where I usually pay my rent -- the bill was there. So now I don't have to worry about missing it again.

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