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September 5th, 2012 at 01:58 pm

I haven't posted in a while, but I'm still around. I've been overwhelmed by the process of buying a condo, a weekend trip to Florida, and work demands.

The condo buy is on target as far as I know. I sent a packet of documents to the loan processor and haven't heard any screams. I've arranged for a mover to come in the day after closing (my lease is up on October 1 and closing is on September 28). I've scheduled my transfer of Comcast service. I've paid for the appraisal, but no word on how that went. I still have to change my Allstate policy (I tried, but they didn't respond to the web request -- so it's off to find a live person today). I have to change my gas and electricity. I tried that online, too, but they can't process my new address because it has a 1/2 in it. That might be a problem. I'll have to ask other residents how they handle that.

The wedding in Florida was lovely, and I got some nice visiting time with shirttail relations I hadn't seen in a long, long time. Hoping to keep up a couple of contacts I made! I spent more than I planned to on food, but being able to stay free at a friend's condo was a big savings for me. I also paid a lot for car rental -- it was $145 for two days! That included their lowest insurance -- I probably should have stood firm against it, but in truth, I really don't know what my own insurance covers, and I've heard horror stories. And I also paid $25 to check a bag on the way down, but didn't on the way back. It's bigger than their ideal model, but it fits in the bin longways, so I went for it. The airport taxi was expensive, too, more than $80 and I paid $10 in tips.

Had an awful flight back as we flew over storms in the Ohio Valley. Enough turbulence to make people gasp. I was very happy to be on terra firma.

August was a very expensive month, with two trips, all those pesky house-buying fees, and some frivolous spending. (I bought shoes, a purse and a scarf for the wedding). I did not include the earnest money, as I should get that back.

Rent - 1182
Fees/Services - 840
Vacation/Travel - 414
Groceries - 155
Medical/Health - 154
Utilities - 143
Gifts/Charity - 117
Clothing - 88
Phone - 55
Eating Out - 47
Gas - 43
Entertainment - 42
Vet/Pet Supplies - 40
Household Supplies - 33
Furnishings & Equipment - 9
Miscellaneous - 6
Car Repair/Maintenance - 5
Personal - 3

Total - 3376

My sidebar is all wrong now, but I'll wait to change it after the sale goes through and everything is stabilized.

Oh, I forgot to say, I figured out my transportation to work once I move. The monthly train ticket will only be $135, much cheaper than gas would be. The downside is that I'll have to ride downtown and transfer, so it will not be quick (but perhaps quicker than being stuck in traffic!) Also, much safer, easier on my aging car, and a good time to read and reflect.

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  1. ceejay74 Says:

    How exciting! Here's hoping everything goes smoothly. Nice job on the transportation savings too. I so prefer public transportation to driving, because I can turn off my brain between home and work and vice versa, or get some pleasure reading done. Either way, much more refreshing than paying attention to driving and dealing with rush hour traffic!

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