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What a great time for a road trip!

September 17th, 2012 at 05:29 pm

I started looking for airfares to Florida this weekend (to attend my aunt's memorial service next Monday) and realized I just couldn't bear the thought of flying. Not right now. Not so soon after my scary flight, and not while I am feeling so stressed. So I called my BFF and asked her if she would like to take a road trip to Florida with me. She would!

On many levels this is a dumb decision. It will take more time than flying, and will not be cheaper -- probably more expensive, when you figure in hotel costs. Yet it feels right. I won't feel so frantic, I'll enjoy the time with my friend, and I'll be in total control of when I arrive and when I leave.

I made great strides in my packing this weekend. (Otherwise I wouldn't consider driving.) In fact, I am really getting down to items that can't be packed until the very end. This week I will bubble-wrap my big wall hangings and then I'll start packing dishes and pots, etc. I'll just leave out a few place settings to use for the last few days. I'll also pack my clothing and shoes. I'll pack a couple of suitcases for the trip and a little extra, and the rest is going into boxes. I'll live out of the suitcases until I move. (I might even pack my coffee maker -- coffee is available all over, no?)

I have many other things to do, too. Buying a monthly train pass, switching my electric, making arrangements for my cats (I don't want them roaming free while the truck is being loaded). I have them all logged in on "Remember the Milk" so I don't forget something important.

It's starting to seem really, really soon now!

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  1. My English Castle Says:

    I like the idea. What a nice break for you from the packing--even though it's a sad trip, being with your BFF will be nice.

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